15 July 2020

KamchatkaBears, whales, volcanoes, geysers

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The volcanic region of the Kamchatka Peninsula on the eastern edge of Russia has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Visitors come for one of three reasons: to see the most impressive collection of volcanic features in the world, including the largest active volcano in the northern hemisphere, to see abundant and remarkably peaceful brown bears feasting on millions of salmon and watch nine species of whales, huge seabird colonies and thousands of sea otters.

Luckily you can do all that on our trip 🙂

Adventure Begins
15 July 2020
10 -14 Days
Summer - up to 20°

Why with us? What makes our tour so special?

We compared all tour operators and combined the best

We selected the most comfortable lodging options

We chose the most convenient way of transportation

We picked the most unique and beautiful locations

We personally will be there and take care of everything

Discover all treasures of Kamchatka on one tour

Explore the peninsula by helicopter, boat and SUV

Watch bears safely without many tourists

See the most imposing volcanoes and landscapes

Cruise the Pacific Ocean with its magnificent wildlife

Our tour date is guaranteed, reserved and prepaid

Discover Kamchatka On land, on water and in the air

Helicopter flight

Helicopter flight
MI 8 Helikopter trip to Dvuhyurtochnoe Lake

We will fly via helicopter MI 8 to an exclusive place – Dvuhyurtochnoe lake – and live there alone with nature, observing bears fishing and the spawning of salmon. And we will cook the fish that we caught ourselves!

Full day yacht trip

Full day yacht trip
Russkaya Bay Cruise

Set sail from the capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and explore the wildlife-rich waters of Russkaya Bay and the Starichkov Island seabird capital.

6WD truck

6WD truck
Russian 6WD all-terrain vehicle

We will take a bone-rattling journey on a Russian 6WD all-terrain vehicle to visit the summits of volcanoes.
From outside they look like traditional trucks but inside they will have all the conveniences of a normal bus.

Comfortable hiking

Comfortable hiking
Easy climbing with beautiful view

We will have a very beautiful and easy climbing to the active volcanoes and see a stunning view of the surroundings.

TOUR ITINERARY Highlights of your journey

Arrival / Pacific Ocean / City tour
Day 1

Arrival / Pacific Ocean / City tour

15th of July 2019

We will arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, stay in a comfortable hotel, rest and go to explore the area. We will drive to the Khalaktyrsky beach and experience the full power of the Pacific Ocean, admire the endless expanses, breathe the delicious sea air and stroll along the purest black sand.

  • Activity:
    Excursion and walking on the beach
Sunset on the black sand beach
Day 2

Volcanoes / Kamchatka gophers / Transfer

16th of July 2019

We will walk between the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes and on their spurs. We will see the delightful alpine landscapes and meet the famous Kamchatka gophers – evrazhki. After we go into the depths of the peninsula, we will reach Milkovo village. We spend the night in the hotel.

  • Activity:
    Walking and transfer
The delightful alpine landscapes
Place 2
Helicopter / Bears / Hot springs
Day 3

Helicopter / Bears / Hot springs

17th of July 2019

Today we will board a helicopter that takes us to a unique place. Mountain lake, which can visit only 30-40 tourists a day. We will have the opportunity to connect with nature and watch the owner of Kamchatka forests – the brown bear and his hunt for spawning fish. Also waiting for us swimming in the healing waters of hot springs.

  • Activity:
    Walking and watching
Flying helicopter and bears
Day 4

Fishing / Bears / Walking

18th of July 2019

We will fish and contemplate. In the morning we will again watch the bears that catch the sockeye, and then, when the shaggy ones go to sleep, we will go fishing. The lake is one of the largest spawning grounds of Kamchatka. We will be able to catch and taste the tastiest and freshest fish. We will spend the rest of the time walking around the base with the huntsman and swimming in the hot springs.

  • Activity:
    Fishing, swimming in the hot springs
Bears and hundreds of salmon
Place 2
Bears / Helicopter / Volcanoes
Day 5

Bears / Helicopter / Volcanoes

19th of July 2019

On this day we will once again look at the bears and go on a helicopter ride, see the spurs of the volcano Alney and the frozen lava flows of the Chashakonj volcano. After we move to the foot of the beautiful volcanic massif, which formed the volcanoes Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik. We will set up camp and will prepare for tomorrow’s expedition to another planet.

  • Activity:
    Flying, transfer, walking
Beautiful volcanic massif
Day 6

Forces of Nature / Lava Flows / Caves

20th of July 2019

This day we will spend, examining the effects of its eruptions in 2013, extensive fresh, and still hot lava flows, caves – lavovodov, stone sculptures and heaps of frozen lava. Experienced guides will tell us the history of these volcanoes and show the most impressive places.

  • Activity:
    Easy trekking
Watching the effects of its eruptions in 2013
Place 2
Volcanic coning / Dead forest / Russian sauna
Day 7

Volcanic coning / Dead forest / Russian sauna

21th of July 2019

Today we ascent of small volcanoes – Tolbachinsky cones, as well as a walk through the “Dead Forest”. As a result of the eruption of 1975, the ashes burned down the heart of the trees, and those that remained standing turned out to be the strongest. After lunch we will move to the village of hunters, fishermen and lumberjacks. We will stay in wooden houses and go to the bath.

  • Activity:
    Easy trekking, transfer, sauna
Tolbachinsky cones and Dead forest
Day 8

Return to city / Hot springs / Baths

22th of July 2019

We return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer by car will take 6-7 hours. On the way we will have lunch in the village of Milkovo, and we will stop at the Malkinsky natural hot springs, swim in puddles – swimming pools.

  • Activity:
    Transfer and swimming
Swim in natural hot springs
Place 2
Yacht trip / Russian bay / Whales
Day 9

Yacht trip / Russian bay / Whales

23th of July 2019

Today we will go to one of the most colorful and picturesque places in Kamchatka – Russkaya Bay. We will slowly swim and admire the expanses of the sea, mountains and marine life. And, if we are lucky, we will meet some of the biggest inhabitants of the seas and oceans – whales and killer whales. In the sea we will spend the whole day. We fish and eat freshly caught seafood.

  • Activity:
    Watching whales and fishing
Whales and killer whales and other marine mammals
Day 10

Fish market / Flight back / Or free day

24th of July 2019

If you have chosen a short program, on this day we will take you to the fish market, if you want to buy fresh seafood, and then to the airport. For those who stay with us a little longer, today is a day to rest. On request, we can arrange for you a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers or to the Kuril Lake, where fisherman bears also live.

  • Activity:
    Shopping and flying back
Red caviar and flight home
Place 2
Climbing Gorely / Craters / Blue lake
Day 11

Climbing Gorely / Craters / Blue lake

25th of July 2019

Today we will climb the Gorely volcano. We will go straight on the frozen lava. Overcoming the height difference of 900 meters, we will see a stunning view of the surroundings and Gorely craters, and there are as many as 11 of them in this volcano! Also visit the “Blue Lake”.

  • Activity:
    Easy trekking and exploring landscape
Stunning view of the surroundings
Day 12

Climbing Mutnovsky / Craters / Waterfall

26th of July 2019

Today we are waiting for a very beautiful and easy climb to the active volcano Mutnovsky. One part of the crater wall is destroyed, so we can look into the very mouth and see its treasures – active fumaroles, mud siphons and a mountain lake. Fantastic picture will wait for us! 

  • Activity:
    Easy climbing
Active volcano
Place 2
Volcano / Small Valley of Geysers / Waterfall
Day 13

Volcano / Small Valley of Geysers / Waterfall

27th of July 2019

Today we will visit the country hot springs, which are called the Small Valley of Geysers and waterfall. In the evening we will return to the city and fall asleep in the comfortable beds of a cozy hotel.

  • Activity:
    Walking and transfer
Waterfall and geysers
Day 14

Petropavlovsk / Fish market / Flight back

28th of July 2019

In the morning we will go to the fish market to buy the freshest seafood – squid, Kamchatka crabs and caviar – at the most reasonable prices. And then to the airport.

  • Activity:
    Shopping and flying back
Red caviar buying
Place 2

Pricing & Payment

How much do I have to pay for the trip?

The 10-day-trip is 205.000₽ (2.850€ / 3.200US$) and the highlights are:

  • Return helicopter trip to Dvuhyurtochnoe lake
  • Guaranteed watching of bears hunting salmon
  • Salmon fishing on the lake
  • Visit the biggest volcanoes
  • Watching sea animals during a cruise trip to Russkaya Bay
  • Sightseeing trip around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • Comfortable hiking tour: without a long crossing with backpacks

The optional 4 day SUV trip to the south volcanoes
is 45.000₽ (630€ / 700US$)

When and how can I pay?

We arranged the following payment plan:

  • 20% + flight on the day of booking
  • 40% before 30th of May
  • 40% before 30th of June

You can pay by Paypal to us or directly by money transfer to our agency in Kamchatka. There is an option to send the money to a German bank account as well.

What else is included?

  • All transfers according to the program
  • Accommodation in hotel, cabin and tent
  • 3 meals a day on the active part of the tour
  • Services of an experienced guide throughout the tour
  • Cooking services
  • Basic equipment (tents, dishes, etc.)
  • Visa invitation and support

What is not included?

  • Food in city and during the transfer
  • Sports insurance (required)
  • Flights
  • Trip to the Valley of Geysers
  • Personal expenses

The optional 4 day SUV trip to the south volcanoes
is 45.000₽ (630€ / 700US$)

Questions & Answers For your comfort, health & safety

How safe are tours of this sort?

Kamchatka is quite a safe place for traveling. However… During any trip around Kamchatka – just like in any other part of the world – there exists a certain risk of a disease or an injury when trekking or during some other part of the tour. In order to reduce all possible risk, guides prior to the trip speak about possible difficulties and dangers that may occur on the route and instruct how to behave.

Are there any restrictions in health for participation in tours?

Some restrictions do exist! If you need permanent doctor’s attention and treatment, or if you got any illness that may have a flare-up during your trip to Kamchatka, you should abstain from taking part in our active tours. In any case, you should only make a decision about a trip after consulting your doctor.

Do I need any certain vaccinations before the tour?

Regardless of a decision of going to Kamchatka, any person should have necessary vaccinations. Speaking about a tour in Kamchatka, we would recommend that you have anti-hepatitis and anti-tetanus inoculations. Make sure that the inoculations are effective and done in the right time. No cases of catching encephalitis by humans or animals from mites in Kamchatka are known.

Do trips involve a lot of physical exertion?

Our tour is designed in such a way that they are level with any healthy person. This tour does not involve full-weight backpack trekking, but imply one-day trips from a base camp and returning back the same day. We prepared this entirely with the support of trucks and helicopters and require little physical strain. This trip will be comfortable for people who like walking.

Is there a guide for every tour?

Yes. Our trip is accompanied by a professional guide and, in some cases, there are two or more guides (in addition to local experts who often add further insight and knowledge). We believe that qualified guides are very important.

Do many people travel alone? What is the average age of group?

Our group consists of an interesting cross-section of people: traveling alone, with friends and as a couple. The basic prices are based on two people sharing a double room. People from 30 to 55 years old.

How do I get to Kamchatka?

For those coming from Europe, the most straightforward way to access Kamchatka is via Moscow. Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines fly direct to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is also possible to access Kamchatka through Japan, Hong-Kong, China or Korea, linking with feeder flights from Khabarovsk or Vladivostok in southeastern Russia

Do I need a visa and how do I get one?

Tourist visas are required. To apply for a visa you will need to get an invitation. Send us a scanned copy of your passport (valid for 6 months after you depart Russia). When you get the voucher and invitation will help you with to prepare the necessary documents. Then apply for the visa at your nearest Russian consulate.

How are meals organized during the tour?

During your hotel stays in hotels, breakfast is included. If lunch time comes during an excursion in town, our guide will take you to a cafe or a restaurant. This kind of lunch is not included in the tour price. Each hotel has a cafe where you can have a snack or supper. When on route out of town, food is cooked by our cook. Three meals on days out of town, juices, mineral and drinking water are included in the tour price.

I have to keep a certain diet. What can be done when on the route?

Our cooks are particularly good at meals from traditional Kamchatka’s kitchen. It includes Fish, chicken, vegetables, and cereals. All meals are cooked from fresh food products.
In case you have some food preferences, please, tell about it beforehand, so that our cook was ready to prepare some meals according to your diet.

Kamchatka 2019
We are cosmopolitans and travel enthusiasts. Since 10 years we are self-employed in travel business. We arranged a lot of trips for individual travelers and small groups. This year we  already visited the North of Russia and watched Northern lights, we were on Baikal Lake and had a great adventure on purest ice, and now we are going to the farthest part of Russia, the place where Russia starts – Kamchatka Peninsula.  You are warmly welcome to join our good team. We speak Russian, English and German.
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